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With our laser cutting and engraving service we have the capability to produce high quality projects for every industry, and are available to designers, artists, agencies and event planners with custom projects, prototyping and short run production. 

our laser capabilities

Laser Specs



Laser bed: 39" x 24"  (1000 mm x 610 mm)

Maximum laserable area: 38.5" wide. The pass-through of our laser allows for greater lengths and is limited only by our working space.

Maximum height of workpiece: Up to 12" (305 mm) depending on table configuration and lens. If using the pass-through, maximum height is 7" (178 mm).

In addition to our laser, we also have a rotary attachment and chuck to engrave cylindrical workpieces, a pass through for longer material, and a camera system for print and cut registration, eliminating the need for expensive dies.




Laying your artwork out on our pre-made Illustrator template is the easiest and cheapest way to prepare your projects for laser cutting. We're looking for clean vector files that are sized correctly, with linework separated into layers for each laser operation (cutting, scoring, engraving). This is set up for you in the Illustrator template. If you click on the Cut, Score or Engrave words accordingly, it will load the correct color and stroke weight to be used. If you are supplying the files, we will inspect them to ensure they are done correctly. If they need to be adjusted, extra charges will apply.

Cutting Specifications

• If you are cutting multiple sheets, please save them as separate files.

• Outline all fonts.

• All files must be in RGB color mode.

• Cut lines must be .001 stroke width in red (R=255 G=0 B=0)

• Provide score lines in a different RGB color than red (R=0 G=255 B=0)

• Common vector formats we work from: .ai, .eps, .dxf, .pdf, .svg.

Engraving Specifications

• Raster images generated in software like Photoshop are acceptable. Raster images are not suitable for cutting or scoring operations.

• Vector art with fills can be engraved. Different RGB colors for fills can be engraved at different powers to provide different colors or depths depending on the project.

Print + Cut

If you have a small run printing project that requires a dieline, we can help with that as well. When sending your file to print, add several 6mm black dots (100% black fill, .001pt black stroke) to your print job which our camera will use as registration marks for the dieline in your file. We will require the digital file used to print your job with the dieline shown as a layer in the file. Often, alternative cutting processes such as CNC, sawing, stamping, die cutting etc. are not able to deliver the same cutting intricacy and accuracy as laser cutting. Since tool preparation and maintenance does not exist with laser cutting, printers are using laser cutting as a cost effective alternative to die cutting.

All laser files provided will be reviewed for accuracy. If your files require changes, you will be notified. If we have to fix/change your files, extra fees will apply. We will determine if a test version or prototype will be required.

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